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Summer is here and boy it’s here to stay. Be your daily office commute or a weekend getaway, travelling without AC is going to be dreadful. Given that the temperature inside the car cabin can rise up to 60°C, checking up on your car AC should be your top priority. There can be a host of issues creeping up like low cooling, odour, failed compressor and many others. Although regular AC maintenance should be a ritual, it is generally prescribed to get a full car AC service every year to keep the cooling at maximum efficiency.

How a Car AC work? Automotive Air Conditioning Explained

In this blog post, we are going to elaborate on what goes inside AC servicing. Learn more on vital AC components, common AC issues and how you can easily maintain your car air conditioning at home! Read more.

How a Car AC Works

Let’s get some insight into what makes a car AC function – the components. Starting with the-

  • Compressor

    As the name suggests, is responsible for compressing the refrigerant. The compressor works like a pump that pressurises the refrigerant and passes it on to the evaporator. The drive-belt drives the compressor. It also powers the power steering, water pump etc.

  • Refrigerant

    The refrigerant is a fluid that is contained within the coils of a car AC system that makes the whole cooling thing possible. The most common refrigerant used in Car AC is the R134-a, also known as Tetrafluoroethane. Before 1993, the most widely used refrigerant was the R-12 a.k.a Freon. They, however, quickly replaced Freon since it harmed the environment at World First Racing

  • Condenser

    A condenser is a mesh of coils. They arrange these coils in a zig-zag pattern to easily remove the heat from the compressed gas. It acts as a heat exchanger which cools the refrigerant by changing its state from gas to liquid.

  • Evaporator

    The evaporator is quite opposite of a condenser. It converts the liquid refrigerant back to its gaseous state. It simultaneously dissipates the heat and further cools it down. The evaporator is located inside the car. The manufacturers typically place it behind the dashboard.


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